The latest tips, news and fun finds in greater Orick, Redwood National Park and northern Humboldt County. 


Seasonal mists make heavenly light shafts in Redwood National Park. One trail in particular offers excellent viewing.

Those strange growths erupting from redwoods, resembling molten lava, human shapes and mythological creatures, remain a curiosity to hikers.

The Thomas H. Kuchel and Prairie Creek Redwoods Visitor Centers in Orick have resumed visitor services and retail operations.

American Airlines starts daily non-stop service between the California Redwood Coast Humboldt County Airport (ACV) & Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX).

Forest bathing, or Shinrin Yoku, a popular pastime in Japan, is available with an experienced guide in Redwood National Park.

Wildfires have struck redwood parks in the Bay Area in recent weeks, but Redwood National & State Parks remain open and aren’t affected by them.

As Californians weary of Covid camp to break up the monotony, one little known location stands out as one of the most remote, beautiful spots.

Coast redwoods are the real giant sequoias. A few maybe bigger than the General Sherman tree.

With human foot traffic limited in Redwood National and State Parks, the local wildlife is making itself more at home.

Join us on a virtual trek to meet up with monsters hundreds of feet tall and thousands of years old in the original wild kingdom.