Wild elk demolish wild elk sign

NO BULL: Wild Elk demolish Danger Wild Elk sign at Redwood National Park

A pair of stags, which can weigh more than 1,000  lbs each, lock antlers while trying their best fight moves. Who’s worst for the wear? A park sign that was no match for the rambunctious elk.

Paying a visit

Paying a visit

A few others make themselves at home at the otherwise quiet Prairie Creek Visitor Center near Orick.

Tree of mystery

elk antler tree

When the visitor center reopens, examine the Antler Tree, a bizarre natural curiosity, and see if you can figure out how it came about.

It had to be ewes

Roosevelt elk in Redwood National Park

Endangered Roosevelt elk nearly disappeared from California, but have impressively rebounded in recent decades. They number in the thousands in Redwood National Park and surrounding wildlands.

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