Western Toads

The western toad

Say hello to one of our local indigenous residents, the Western Toad. This amphibian is a large toad residing in the western United States and up into British Columbia with a smattering found in Alaska. The Western Toad loves Orick's temperate environment and easily digs into the rich soil finding plenty of bugs to eat. This photo is of an immature Western Toad. The juveniles have red spots on their backs and as they age they become lighter and grayer, kinda like we do! Adults can be over 5 inches (12.7 cm) long. If you pick one up be sure to wash your hands afterwards as they secret a mild toxin to dissuade predators. Some people have greater reactions to this toxin than others. These toads burrow into the dirt and hibernate over winter. They eat bugs so we love to find them in our gardens!

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