Tallest Trees Don’t Tap Dance

A tall tree

Redwood trees are certainly some of the most beautiful trees in the world; and big; really, really BIG! Here in Orick we have Sequoia Sempervirens, In the Sierra Mountains, such as Yosemite there are Sequoiadendron Giganteum. Our Sempervirens are the tallest trees in the entire world! Some of them are also really big around. Redwoods have some interesting characteristics that other trees just don't have. These huge trees do not have tap roots to anchor them, instead they rely on interconnected roots near the surface that link together much as we humans would holding hands to help keep each other up. Our redwoods also have the tiniest seed cones of any other coniferous tree. Yep! The tallest and biggest trees in the entire world have the tiniest pine cones!

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