Elk Just Eat All Day

The Roosevelt Elk

It's a rare day one drives through Orick without seeing North America's largest elk, the Roosevelt elk. If you are visiting the area it is easy to miss them as they can blend in with their surroundings. Look in meadows, along the lagoons, in cow fields, and even on our beaches! Elk are very large ruminants so they are grazing animals who hang out in herds. They pretty much wake up in the morning and start eating until its time to sleep. There are many place names here with the word “elk.” These names are not meant to trick you. Whether it is a park or private property, if it has the name “elk” then there is a resident herd hanging out nearby. Remember too that they move around. You have to stop, get out of your car and look for them sometimes. Please keep safety in mind! Park your car completely off the road and do not ever approach a wild animal. They may look docile but they can be especially dangerous during calving or mating season. Keep a respectful distance of all wildlife and they will respect you too!

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