About the Chamber

The Orick Chamber of Commerce was established in 1950 after a major flood had caused great damage throughout our small town. Community members immediately came together to clean up the flood damage and it was felt that a cohesive organization needed to be created to bring Orick into the future. The Chamber’s first president was George Dimmick, then owner of Orick Market. The following year Robert (Bob) McNamara, owner of Orick Theater became president. At the time Orick’s population was approximately 2500 persons, the levy had not been built and the major industries were logging and dairy ranching. Orick School had 300 students.

Today our area has a population of 357, Orick School has 20 students, all the saw mills have closed. Ranching still has its place here in the Orick Valley and Bald Hills, but the majority of business now supports travel and tourism. Come enjoy Redwood National Park, our pristine beaches and lagoons; and let Orick Chamber of Commerce help you enjoy your adventures!

What Chamber does:

• Provides a local business directory that includes every Orick business.
• Annual Fundraisers: Corned Beef & Cabbage Dinner and Auction, Orick Rodeo
• Other fundraisers as needed to help community persons, groups, organizations, school, local children.
• Own and manage the Orick Rodeo Grounds Horse Camp. It is also available for group rentals!
• Sponsor of Community cleanups.
• Travel and tourism advocation, travel and tourism information.
• A voice for local businesses.
• Humboldt Lodging Alliance Board Seat.
• Paid seasonal employee knowledgeable about our local area and facilities at Kiosk at Redwood National Park Kuchel Visitor Center