2021 Orick Rodeo

Bareback rider in Orick Rodeo.

The Orick Chamber of Commerce invites you to the 60th Annual Orick Rodeo. We are kickin’ it up in the Redwoods July 10th and 11th at the Orick Rodeo Grounds.

This small town ADA accessible event in Orick, the Gateway to Redwood National Park, offers fun the whole family can enjoy, whether you watch from the bleachers or participate as a cowboy, cowgirl or, for the little ones, sheep riding.

Must see events (see below for details) include Mutton Bustin, Junior Steer Riding and Calf Riding. There will be a food booth with burgers, hot dogs, fries, breakfast sandwiches, nachos, pulled pork sandwiches and sodas. EdeBee’s Sweets and Treats will have candy, ice cream and other tasty items. And the Orick Volunteer Fire Department will host a beer booth. 

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For Jackpot and 4D Barrel Racing contestants, please download, complete and return the forms to:

Orick Rodeo, P. O. Box 234, Orick, CA 95 555.

For Mutton Bustin, Calf and Steer Riding and Open Rodeo events, please download, complete and return this form to:

West Coast Rodeo, P.O Box 651, Boonville, CA 95 415.

Read the entry form carefully. Some events are limited, so mail yours as soon as possible. The rodeo cannot hold spots. Thank you.



8:30 am. Jackpot Roundup
(** Check in or Sign up at 7:30-8am)
Barrel Racing
Pole Bending
Single Stake

2:00 pm. Kids Games

4:00 pm. McKinleyville Rodeo Association Team Roping


9:00 am. 4D Barrel Race
11:30 am. Quad Racing
1:00 pm. Kids Games
Mutton Bustin

2:30 pm. Open Rodeo
Calf Roping  
Jr. Bulls
Bull Riding
Calf Roping
Team Roping
Breakaway Roping
Barrel Racing

No dogs or ice chests allowed in the grandstands please.

Sponsored by Orick Chamber of Commerce and presented by the Orick Rodeo Committee and West Coast Rodeo Company. For information, call 707-488-2885, go to Facebook.com/theorickrodeo or email orickrodeo@gmail.com.