The Redwood National Park is building a presence in Orick by way of a new National Park Service Building.  Below is a architectural rendering of the proposed building, and the community of Orick looks forward to an attractive addition to Highway 101, and welcomes park employees as new neighbors.  

The Redwood National and Prairie Creek State Parks are neighbors of Orick, and the guardians and caretakers of the Coastal Redwood Forests and their surroundings.  No visit to Orick is complete without a visit to ancient Fern Canyon, with its prehistoric ferns that line the canyon walls, the Prairie Creek Elk Meadow, at the Prairie Creek Campgrounds, combining camping facilities, beautifully maintained trails for hiking and the proximity of one of nature's grandest animals, the Roosevelt Elk.  An Information Center, located on the beach, south of Orick, provides answers to nearly every question about this magnificent area.  For reservations or more information, visit their website at

The redwood forests offer a unique opportunity to experience harmony, peace and beauty like no other place in the world.