Orick has two year-round restaurants and one burger bar. The year round restaurants are the The Palm Cafe and La Hacienda Restaurant.  The burger bar is Jackie's Snack Shack.

The Palm Cafe is located on the north side of Redwood Creek. The restaurant opens every morning at 6:00 am.  Breakfast is served all day, and every evening there is a dinner special. A self-serve salad bar is available for your eating enjoyment and The Palms has the best dessert you will find. Made fresh most every morning are pies ranging from apple to lemon meringue and even a lime pie. If you come in for breakfast and are feeling very hungry you can order a Paul Bunyan roll. This is a GIANT cinnamon roll. It fills an entire plate, but beware if you are not really hungry, you will be needing a to-go box, for this roll has a diameter of about 8 inches. These are all homemade by the owner.

La Hacienda Restaurant, a fine restaurant featuring Mexican cuisine, is located next to the Orick Post Office and north of the bridge spanning Redwood Creek. A charming family-operated eatery, the Chef, Erick F. Torres Montes, creates a delicious and varied menu, which is served in an atmosphere of family comfort. For reservations call 707.488.2520 - 707.441.1395.

Jackie's Snack Shack is located about 1/2 mile south of the Orick Bridge, on the west side of Hwy 101.  Jackie's Snack Shack is an old-fashioned burger stand, where you can get food to go, call in orders, or stop by and eat while sitting in the sun.  Jackie's Snack Shack is the fast food stand in town but you will not think for one minute that you are eating at one of the better-known burger places, for Jackie's is much better. You can get your hamburgers cooked to order, milkshakes, thick, thin, or in between, and you can get french fries with or without  special seasoning,  You should be careful if you order a large fry.  You had better be hungry or using the buddy system, for you can get a pile of fries stacked up on a plate the size of a dinner platter (or you can order a small fry, they are more the size for one person).